[Baseball Players Quotes] How to lead a cool life from the quotes of baseball players.

Be positive

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In this issue, we bring you words from baseball players that will energize you.

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The only way to go to a tremendous place is to do small things over and over again.


Ichiro proved in real life that small daily efforts add up to big results.

The courage to take small steps is the key to unlocking the future.

Are you able to accumulate steady efforts?


I have had over 8,000 frustrating experiences in order to get 4,000 hits.
If I could be proud of anything, it would be that.


By continuing to challenge oneself without fear of failure, one can grow beyond one’s limits.

The challenge itself is already a big step toward success.

Even a player as good as Ichiro has many frustrations.

Do you continue to try without fear of failure?


It is precisely because we have burdens that we strive.
It is precisely because we have burdens that we can walk with our feet firmly planted on the earth.

Katsuya Nomura

These words of Katsuya Nomura teach us that hardship is also food for our growth.

Difficulties are not obstacles to be avoided, but challenges to be overcome.

Are you accepting difficulties and making an effort?


I never think about what I cannot control.
There is no point in thinking about it.
I just concentrate on what I can do.

Hideki Matsui

These words convey the importance of narrowing one’s focus and making the most of one’s strengths.

There is no point in thinking about what you cannot control, such as what you have already done.

It is important to learn from the past, but we should not be stuck in the past.

Are you focused on what you can do now?


Even when I get out of shape, I definitely don’t want to try to remember what it felt like before.
Because as soon as you think that, it’s backwards.

Hideki Matsui

Hideki Matsui explains the importance of always looking forward and seeking a new identity.

The first step toward evolution is to always look to the present and the future, rather than fixating on past successes.

Are you growing forward?


There is only a small difference between the impossible and the possible.
What bridges the gap is the determination of those who take up the challenge.

Jackie Robinson

These words from Jackie Robinson teach us that when faced with a difficult situation, one’s own strong determination is the key to success.

Your determination will help you overcome even the biggest obstacles.

Are you absolutely determined to accomplish it?


You cannot defeat someone who never gives up.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth stated that a strong mind in the face of adversity leads to eventual victory.

No matter what difficulties you face, if you never give up, you will overcome them someday.

Are you confident that you can stay in the batter’s box no matter what?


In this article, we learned the importance of a positive and proactive approach in our daily lives through quotes from some of baseball’s greatest players.

These words tell us that “looking forward and keeping moving forward” in any situation will pave the way to self-actualization.

Let these quotes help you live a cool life!

Keep moving forward with courage! Never look down, but keep moving forward!
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