[Foot Odor Countermeasure] Let’s prevent stinky feet! Let’s prevent shoe odor to avoid the smell of stinky feet!

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Today, we have the perfect solution for you if you are suffering from foot odor.

Foot odor, which is a daily concern, is actually an easy solution.

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  • Those who do not feel confident when taking off their shoes.
  • Those who are concerned about their distance from others because of foot odor.
  • Tired of daily foot care?

Grand’s Remedy is a powder to eliminate unpleasant odors from feet and shoes.

This powder originated in New Zealand and has been used around the world for over 25 years.

It was developed to eliminate foot odor.

The main ingredients are natural materials that powerfully remove odor-causing bacteria.

The method of using this powder is very simple.

Just sprinkle a little inside your shoes, and the powder will spread throughout your shoes as you walk and fight bacteria.

Because it is made with natural ingredients, it is safe for use by people with sensitive skin and families with small children.

The reason it became known as “Moabibi-chan’s Magic Powder” was because many users said, “The smell has magically disappeared!” This is because many users said, “The smell has magically disappeared!

In fact, many people who have used this powder have been relieved of odor problems.

Once started, its effect lasts for about six months.

This frees you from daily foot cleaning and shoe care, saving you time and money.

Grand’s Remedy can be used on all types of shoes, including leather shoes, sneakers, and boots.

It is also effective against odors from sports equipment and can be used by the entire family.


Using Grand’s Remedy is really easy.

First, it comes with a small spoon, which you use to take one cup of powder.

Then you put the powder in your shoes.

Allow the powder to enter anywhere on the shoe.

Next, just put on those shoes and walk normally.

That way, the powder spreads well inside the shoes while walking and fights the bacteria that cause the unpleasant odor.

This powder can be simply placed in your shoes and you don’t have to do anything special.

There is no hassle at all.

And after 7 days of this simple process, the shoes no longer smell.

That will keep them odor-free for about six months, eliminating the need to wash their feet and clean their shoes every day.

This way, you can eliminate the smell of your shoes so you no longer have to worry about taking them off when you go to school or out.

Grand’s Remedy is a great product for those who have been concerned about the smell.


The reason why so many people choose Grand’s Remedy is because of its effectiveness and ease of use.

This powder has the power to remove the bacteria that create unpleasant foot and shoe odors.

And because its power comes from natural ingredients, it is gentle on the body when used.

This product will help keep the inside of your shoes clean.

That’s because the powder prevents the growth of bacteria.

If there is no increase in bacteria, there will naturally be no odor.

That’s why shoes with Grand’s Remedy always stay fresh.

Many people also appreciate the simplicity of using this powder by simply putting it in their shoes.

Even on busy mornings, there is no need to take special time to sprinkle a spoonful of powder on your shoes.

And once you start using this powder, the effect lasts for about six months, saving you the trouble of taking care of your feet and shoes on a daily basis.

In addition, Grand’s Remedy can be used on any shoe, so the whole family can share it.

It is effective on a wide range of shoes, from children’s sneakers for sports to leather shoes for work.

For these reasons, Grand’s Remedy is the choice of many people who suffer from foot odor.


Grand’s Remedy is a true lifesaver for many who suffer from foot odor.

With this product, I no longer have to worry about the smell when I take off my shoes.

Be confident and positive every day.

Keep moving forward with courage! Never look down, but keep moving forward!
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