[Henry Ford quote] A maxim for success to overcome what you thought you couldn’t do.

Be positive

Hello! This is Mr. Bear. How are you?

In this issue, we would like to share with you some quotes from the automobile magnate, Henry Ford.

Learn the secrets of how to overcome adversity and challenges in a positive way.

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When adversity strikes, remember.
Airplanes take off because there is a headwind, not because they are carried by a tailwind.

Henry Ford

This quote suggests that adversity and difficulty are actually important elements for new leaps forward.

Adversity can be a headwind that helps us grow and pushes us to higher goals.

Are you up to the challenge?


If you have time to find fault, find a solution.

Henry Ford

It teaches us the importance of taking concrete action to solve problems before complaining.

This concept teaches that a proactive attitude toward the smallest and biggest challenges we face in our daily lives and work will pave the way to success.

Are you able to propose solutions to problems?


The greatest discovery, the greatest surprise for a human being is to realize that what he or she thought was impossible is actually possible.

Henry Ford

Experiencing beyond one’s limits expands one’s potential and creates new confidence.

This discovery will be the catalyst for unlocking the unlimited potential that lies within you.

You can do it!


Split your own firewood.
That way, your body will be twice as warm.

Henry Ford

These words teach us how direct effort enriches itself.

Your efforts are never in vain, and the results you get from them will enrich you from the inside out.

Are you able to work hard for yourself?


The Henry Ford quotes presented here will always be a positive force in our daily lives and when adversity and challenges come our way.

By continuing to take on challenges without giving up on anything, new discoveries and successes await you.

Aim even higher and use that adversity to your advantage!

Keep moving forward with courage! Never look down, but keep moving forward!
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