How to deal with the situation when you can’t give your own opinion!

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Hi, this is Positive Institute @ Bear!

In this issue, we will show you how to regain your confidence and express your thoughts, if you are facing a moment of “I can’t give you an opinion” or “I can’t think of one”.

Raising your voice sometimes takes courage, but that step will help you grow.

I hope that through this article you will learn to value and express your opinions more.

Recommended for
  • People who are anxious to have their own opinions.
  • People who have difficulty speaking their minds in meetings and discussions
  • People who want to feel confident in their ideas.

Having your own opinion means valuing your own special thoughts and feelings.

This is like an important proof that you are the only person in the world.

By holding one’s own thoughts firmly, the power of “self-confidence” in one’s mind will grow tremendously.

With confidence, you will enjoy and be more active in your friends, family, school and work.

For example, when a teacher asks you in class, “What do you think of this story?” it would be wonderful if you could find your own unique answer.

Putting your thoughts into words allows you to have more in-depth conversations with friends and generate new ideas.

It is as if a large tree grows from a small seed, and a great power grows within you.

But there are times when you feel that you cannot have your own opinion.

In such cases, start by listening carefully to the people around you and reading books to learn about different ways of thinking.

And please take care of what you feel and think.

That is the first step in having your own personal opinion.

To have your own opinion is to take care of yourself.

And by sharing it with the people around you, you can build more wonderful relationships.

So don’t be afraid to have your own ideas and take a confident step forward.

That is the secret to making you shine brighter.


I can’t think of an opinion right away, that’s totally normal.

Let’s take a moment to think about what to do when you can’t think of an opinion when you are talking.

There is a way to do it even in such a situation.

First, it is important not to rush.

If you can’t come up with an opinion right away, give yourself some time.

Start by taking deep breaths and calming down.

Rushing doesn’t help you come up with good ideas.

Next, listen carefully to what they have to say.

By understanding exactly what the other person is saying, opinions and ideas can come from within you.

By listening to what they have to say, you may find a new perspective.

Another way is to ask them, “Could you please tell me more about this?

This is a good opportunity to give yourself a little more time to think and at the same time gain a deeper understanding of what you are talking about.

By listening more to the other person, you may naturally form your own opinion.

If you cannot come up with an opinion, you may want to base your story on information and experiences you know.

Even things that seem completely unrelated can lead to new perspectives and opinions in the course of a conversation.

You can enrich the conversation by bringing your own experiences and knowledge to the topic.

Finally, if you can’t think of an opinion, it is also important to be honest about it.

By saying something like, “I can’t think of a clear opinion right now, but I’d like to think about it some more,” the other party is often more understanding.

You can then have the opportunity to express your opinion again later.

We all have times when we can’t come up with an opinion.

The important thing is to know how to overcome the situation.

And enjoy the conversation in your own unique way.


Expressing one’s opinion is sometimes a courageous act.

But having the courage to do so is an important step toward personal growth.

When I share my thoughts with others, it gives me a new confidence in myself.

To get started, try starting with a conversation with someone close to you.

For example, at family dinners, you can talk about fun things that happened that day or new things you learned at school.

Thus, the habit of sharing opinions in small ways will lead to confidence.

You may also be concerned about what they will think when you share your opinion with them.

But the important thing is to be honest about what you think.

Expressing your own opinions can deepen your relationship with others.

Even if the other person does not agree with your opinion, you can take that as an opinion.

The key is to respect their ideas and have the courage to express them.

Writing a journal is a good way to get used to sharing your opinions.

In the diary, you can freely write down what you felt and thought that day.

Writing a journal helps you organize your thoughts and gain confidence in your opinions.

Expressing your opinion is an act of taking care of yourself.

It is okay to start with small steps at first.

This step will lead you to become a more confident person.

So, be brave and let your voice be heard in the world.


Having and expressing your own opinions is important for your personal growth and for building relationships with others.

We all have moments when we can’t give an opinion or come up with one, but by overcoming these moments, you will be able to express your thoughts with more confidence.

Start with small steps and value your voice.

Keep moving forward with courage! Never look down, but keep moving forward!
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