[Challenger] Enjoy everything in life! How to enjoy yourself to the fullest even if you are unfamiliar with it!

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I’ve been feeling uninspired and bored lately.

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  • You want to try something new but have a hard time taking the first step.
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  • You want a little stimulation in your daily life.

“Oh, my God, every day is so dull and boring.”

Are you wasting your time thinking that?

If so, look for a new hobby!

You may not know where to start at first, but that’s the fun part.

For example, try doodling on the back of a flyer.

At first it may be just a line, but as you add color, your own world will expand.

The senses are stimulated by the feel of the hand moving the pen, the sound of the pen touching the paper, and by following the colors as they blend together with your eyes.

And when you feel yourself improving little by little, a sense of accomplishment and joy fills your heart.

Hobbies that are enjoyed by more than one person can also provide an opportunity to make friends.

For example, if you take up photography as a hobby, you may meet people with similar interests.

As they go to take pictures of theme park characters together and show each other pictures of the characters they have taken, a friendship develops.

Thus, a new hobby is a wonderful opportunity not only to expand your world, but also to deepen your connections with others.

So why not try something new, even today?

It is okay to start with small steps, such as researching something interesting on a website.

Try to find the courage to start something new and go in a direction that excites you.

We promise that your world will become more colorful through your new hobby.


If you have a little bit of time and money to spare, we recommend that you travel to places you have never been.

Travel is a thrilling and exciting adventure full of new discoveries.

Scurrying around an unfamiliar city can be a lot of fun.

Even getting lost can be part of a fun adventure.

Wake up early in the morning and take a walk in the quiet streets where no one is walking yet.

The air is clear and only the chirping of birds can be heard.

Afterwards, we eat breakfast at a local café where only the locals know what to do.

Such an experience is something special that cannot be experienced in everyday life.

And one of the best parts of traveling is to feel the history of the land.

Visiting an old castle and being overwhelmed by its keep, or looking at historical items such as Japanese swords, one can enjoy imagining the lives and circumstances of people in the past.

Each crack in the wall seems to tell a story of people’s lives in the past, making you feel like you are traveling through time.

Gourmet travel is also an adventure for the palate.

By eating dishes that are unique to the area, you can taste flavors that you would not normally be able to savor, and enjoy the sight.

Try ingredients you’ve never seen before or dishes with unusual names.

It may take a little courage at first, but the encounter with a new taste may possibly lead to a lifetime of guess gourmet discoveries.

So, open up your maps and find a place you’ve never been!

A small town with few people might be nice, or you can go to a famous tourist destination.

The important thing is to have the courage to try new things.

Through travel, you can experience new cultures, make new friends, and discover new things about yourself.

Take the plunge and go where your heart is excited.


It is fun to relearn what you know as if you were a beginner again.

Consider, for example, learning about the stars as taught in elementary school science classes.

When we look up at the night sky, we see countless stars shining brightly, but each star has a name and a story to tell.

Start by memorizing the shapes of the constellations, and gradually you will be reacquainted with the magnificent history of the universe created by these stars.

When you learn again and look at the night sky from an adult’s perspective, you will feel differently and enjoy it more.

Learning a new language is also a wonderful relearning journey.

At first, you may be confused by the letters and pronunciation, but little by little you will experience the joy of combining words to make sense.

There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you are able to introduce yourself for the first time in a new language.

It would be fun to learn greetings from countries around the world! (How do you say “thank you” in Spanish?)

Listening to music or watching a movie from a country that speaks that language will give you a sense of how the language you have learned is actually used and inspire you to learn more.

Thus, learning new knowledge further expands one’s world.

Use the Internet or library to research what you are interested in.

Then, try to incorporate the learning into your daily life.

We promise that your life will be richer through the joy of learning new things.


Trying something unfamiliar can not only help you grow, but also add new color to your life.

Take the first step with curiosity and without fear of failure.

The experience you gain from trying new things will enrich your life.

It kind of brings to mind a lot of things I would like to do!

Keep moving forward with courage! Never look down, but keep moving forward!
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