[Soichiro Honda Quotes]The truth about “failure” and “success.

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In this issue, we will introduce quotes about “failure” experienced by great people who have achieved success.

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Whenever there is a stretch, there is resistance.

Soichiro Honda

These words tell us that “difficulties” and “resistance,” which are inevitable when trying something new, are actually a sign of growth.

Overcoming difficulties makes us stronger and wiser.

From these words, understand that challenges are essential for evolution, and learn how to see challenges as opportunities for growth when faced with them.

Are you growing daily to the point of resistance?


My greatest honor is not in never failing, but in waking up every time I fall.

Soichiro Honda

Failure is a natural occurrence that can happen to anyone.

Soichiro Honda said that overcoming failure and getting back up again and again is what makes it worthwhile.

From this quote, we can learn the importance of experiencing failure and how to have the mindset to overcome it.

No matter how many times you fall, just get up.

Are you confident you can get up if you fall?


In the history of mankind, there are no truly strong people.
There are only those who are content with their weakness and those who are striving to become stronger.

Soichiro Honda

True strength lies in the “effort” and “endurance” one shows when faced with difficulties.

Through these quotes, we can recognize the importance of continuing to work hard without losing ourselves and gain a new perspective on our daily challenges.

What are you doing to become stronger?


Successful people believe that even if they suffer from unfortunate circumstances, if they overcome this ordeal, they will succeed.
And those who do not give up until the end are the ones who succeed.

Soichiro Honda

What we should learn from this quote is the mental strength to continue in any adversity.

The road to success is never smooth, so when you are faced with a challenge, it is time to imagine the success that lies ahead of you in overcoming that challenge.

If you don’t give up until you succeed, you can succeed.

Can you keep going and not give up?


A person who can move others is a person who can feel other people’s feelings.
Instead, those who are able to empathize with others are the ones who suffer.
People who have never suffered themselves cannot move others.

Soichiro Honda

The ability to empathize with the feelings of others is crucial not only in personal relationships, but also in business.

People who can put themselves in other people’s shoes are more likely to develop good relationships with others.

Do you understand the feelings and concerns of others?


Life is summed up in the three wisdoms of seeing, hearing, and trying, but most people only see and hear, and rarely try the most important one, “trying.
It is common knowledge that failure and success are two sides of the same coin.
Because everyone is afraid of failure, there are few chances for success.

Soichiro Honda

This quote emphasizes the importance of taking action.

Trying something new is risky, but the road to success begins with action.

Trying without fear of failure can open the door to future success.

Are you able to act without fear of failure?


All of the quotes by Soichiro Honda introduced in this issue contain powerful messages for overcoming various difficulties we face in life.

To live positively every day, keep these words in mind and try to be proactive in everything you do.

And even in the face of difficulties, never give up and always look forward.

Keep moving forward with courage! Never look down, but keep moving forward!
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