[American Presidential Quotes] Learn from Lincoln and Roosevelt! How to live a positive life and not let slander get the better of you

Be positive

Hello! This is Mr. Bear. How are you?

In this issue, we would like to share with you some quotes from the President of the United States.

We will explore tips on how to live positively in any situation.

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I’m not interested in what you’ve stumbled into.
We are interested in you getting up from it.

Abraham Lincoln

These words by Abraham Lincoln teach us the importance of the ability to overcome failure.

We all stumble, but it is important to know how to recover from it and learn from it.

Do you have the strength to get up when you fall?


Always be prepared.
Opportunities will eventually present themselves.

Abraham Lincoln

These words convey how important daily preparation is.

Opportunities come unannounced, but if you are always prepared, you can take advantage of them.

Do your best and wait for heaven’s decree.

Are you ready to take a chance?


Do something first.
Then we’ll talk!

Franklin D. Roosevelt

These words by Franklin D. Roosevelt underscore the importance of taking action.

Rather than overthinking and delaying action, it is crucial to first take action and then consider next steps based on the results.

Are you able to do more than just run your mouth?


Do what you can with what you have, where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt

These words of Theodore Roosevelt teach us the importance of not just waiting, but of taking action by making the most of our current resources.

What you can start with what you have on hand, and the steps you take will shape your future.

Are you doing all you can to do what you can do now?


What is important is not those who criticize.
It is not those who ridicule the strong when they stumble.
Nor are they the ones who take the lead in the actions of those who do.
It is those who actually stand on stage, their faces covered in blood, sweat, and dust, who deserve praise.

Theodore Roosevelt

These words convey that it is those who are actually doing the work that deserve true recognition.

Challenges and actions are worth more than the words of critics.

Are you a critic?

Are you able to act as the main actor in your own life?


The plan itself has no value.
It is what we continue to plan that is meaningful.

Dwight Eisenhower

This quote from Eisenhower teaches that plans need to be constantly evaluated and adjusted throughout their progress.

Flexibility and continuous improvement are keys to success.

Are you always aware of your goals and where you are?


The best response to slander is to shut up and do your best at work.

George Washington

These words of George Washington teach us the importance of focusing on our own work, unmoved by criticism or negativity.

Criticism is inevitable, but the best way to respond to it is to deliver results.

Are you able to focus on yourself and do what you need to do?


When you are angry, count to ten before you say or do something.
If that doesn’t calm your anger, count to 100.
If that doesn’t work, count to 1000.

Thomas Jefferson

This advice from Thomas Jefferson offers concrete ways to keep your cool when you feel angry.

Dealing with anger avoids unnecessary conflict and leads to more productive behavior.

There is no point in expressing anger.

It only makes those around you uncomfortable.

Do you have the strength to control your anger?


There are always risks and costs associated with action.
However, they are insignificant compared to the long-term risks and costs of taking the easy way out without action.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy’s words speak to the importance of having the courage to move forward without fear of risking action.

Only by taking action can new opportunities and improvements be created.

Are you able to control yourself and not let the pleasures in front of you get the better of you?


The words of the President of the United States contain an important lesson in life.

Setbacks and difficulties are inevitable, but how you behave in the midst of them is the key to enriching your life.

Use the words of these presidents to keep your days active!

Keep moving forward with courage! Never look down, but keep moving forward!
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