[The benefits of a letter] Works great in love as well! Let’s express our gratitude with a letter!

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Hello! This is Mr. Bear. How are you?

Today we are talking about letters and love letters.

Have you ever written a letter to someone?

Letters are very effective as a means of directly communicating feelings to the recipient.

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  • People who want to say “thank you” but don’t know what to do.
  • People who want to be more loving with their loved ones.
  • People who have missed the opportunity to express their gratitude to their loved ones.

Which do you appreciate more, receiving a message on line or a letter?

You are probably more pleased when you receive a letter.

Thus, a letter is a magical way to impress the person to whom it is given with more than just a message.

In this day and age, we can easily send messages or talk on the phone, but letters have a different and special power.

When writing a letter, you spend much more time than when sending a message on line, preparing paper and pen, examining the content of the letter while thinking of the recipient, and rewriting the letter many times.

This act itself is a time to sort out your feelings and reaffirm your appreciation and love for the other person.

Imagine that.

When I received the letter you took the time and effort to write these

The thrill of opening the seal, the feel of the pretty paper, the smell of the ink and the atmosphere of the letters.

And the feelings and warmth of the other person conveyed through the letters.

These are special experiences that digital messages can never offer.

A letter can convey through all five senses how much you care about the person you are writing to.

When you see a letter written clumsily but with great effort, you wonder, “How many times did he rewrite it for me?” I think it will bring tears to your eyes as you imagine.

If you receive a letter from a child saying, “Thank you for everything,” you will be moved and treasure it for a lifetime.

Thus, conveying one’s feelings in a letter is a magical thing that moves more than the written message.

Why don’t you write such a special magical letter to your loved ones?

Put your heart on paper to say thank you to your loved ones.

A single word, not a long sentence, is enough to convey your thoughts and feelings.

If it seems embarrassing, it is useful to first write a letter on the assumption that you will not give it to them.

Writing will make you happy, too.

If the letter reaches the other person, their hearts will be bound together even more strongly.


Has your relationship been in a rut lately between you and your spouse/friend?

When this happens, reflect on whether you are expressing gratitude to the other person.

Expressing gratitude is very important in a relationship.

This is because expressing gratitude brings us closer to each other and deepens our trust.

By saying “thank you” to the other person, even for small things, the other person feels that he or she is valued and a warm feeling flows between the two of you.

When expressing gratitude, simply saying “thank you” is fine, but if you want to deepen the relationship, it is even better to be specific about why you appreciate what you do.

For example, you can say, “Thank you for always supporting me. When you tell them, “Because of you, I can be myself and be honest,” they can sense your sincere appreciation and smile.

So what can you do for your loved ones today?

First, try to remember what they did for you that you appreciated or were moved by.

And it is nice to express that gratitude in person or in a letter.

With a letter, you can experience the emotion again and again because it remains with you as an object.

You will be happy if they keep that letter forever.

This little action will change their relationship into something more wonderful.

Saying thank you and expressing gratitude begins from a place of caring for others.

With this heart, love will be richer and happier.

So, starting today, you, too, can express your sincere appreciation to your loved ones.

This will be a step toward a brighter future for the two of you and a relationship that will keep you smiling.


As mentioned above, it is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to others.

But you may be wondering how to express your gratitude.

Here we will discuss more specific steps to express our gratitude.

Even if it takes a little bit of time, it’s okay.

The time and effort it takes will deepen your feelings and impress the recipient even more.

This is a great way to say thank you to your loved ones from the bottom of your heart.

First, write down on a piece of paper what you are thankful for in your partner.

Think carefully about it while reflecting on their faces and the situation at that time.

This is a time to clear your mind.

Write down everything you feel, whether small or big, for example, “that he always greets me with a smile when I see him” or “that he made me laugh when I was crying with a joke to distract me out of kindness”.

Next, for each of those things for which you are grateful, why did you say, “Thank you?” Think about that reason.

At this point, it is important to imagine that the other person is right in front of you and think with all your heart.

Let’s put into words the gratitude that is in your heart, with the intention of conveying it to the other person.

Then, write an honest letter expressing your appreciation.

Don’t try to write it perfectly the first time.

Thinking about the person you are writing to over and over again will add depth to your writing.

The number of characters does not matter.

Some sentences are simple but resonate with the recipient.

What is important is that your feelings are conveyed to them.

Rather than using clichéd words, they will be happier if you write in your own words, even if they are clumsy.

It doesn’t matter how many days it takes, or how badly written.

Just don’t give up on telling them how you feel.

Finally, have the courage to actually tell them what the letter says.

You can hand-deliver the letter, or you can give that letter as words.

You may be nervous, but your sincere words of appreciation will surely reach their hearts.

Your “thank you” will take our relationship one stage further!

This way, you and your partner will be happier.

Expressing your gratitude to your partner is an embarrassing yet unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime.

There are some thoughts that can only be conveyed at this moment.

Why not take that first step?


How was it?

We hope you have been able to appreciate our letters again.

Expressing gratitude through letters is a wonderful way to deepen relationships.

Your sincerity, which is difficult to express in words directly, can be conveyed in a letter in a tangible form.

Why not write a thank you letter to your loved ones now and then?

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