[Egashira 2:50 Quotes] The road to becoming a truly handsome man! Egashira’s words that can make everyone positive.

Be positive

Hello! This is Mr. Bear. How are you?

Do you love Ega?

In this issue, we would like to share with you some quotes from Ega, a true hottie.

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If you’re having a hard time, if you’re having a bad day, look at me!
And laugh!
Because it will be silly to worry!

Egashira 2:50

These words of Ega’s are a great encouragement to us.

It is a simple but powerful message that in hard times, finding humor and laughing can lighten your heart.

Remembering to smile and keep a positive frame of mind in any situation is the key to overcoming adversity.


You can’t cut corners!
If I cut corners, there’s nothing left.

Egashira 2:50

These words convey the importance of doing everything possible, no matter how small.

The only way to produce real results is to do your best in everything, not half-hearted efforts.

The attitude of always giving your all will lead you to become a truly handsome man in life.


More than one cool regular, one legend.

Egashira 2:50

These words of Ega’s tell us that a moment of brilliance will remain deeper in people’s memories than long-term stability.

These are the very words that describe Ega’s way of life.

To accomplish something memorable, it is important to try, even if it is insane.


If 99 people make fun of you, but 1 person cheers you up, that’s all that matters!
If one person laughs at you, that’s fine!

Egashira 2:50

These words show how powerful the support of just one person can be, even without recognition from the many.

If you are special to someone, that is enough.

Believe in yourself and take that first step.


I’m serious in every job I do!
Someone will laugh at me when I am serious about what I do, no matter what I pretend to be.

Egashira 2:50

These words of Ega’s teach us the importance of giving it our all, no matter what kind of work we are doing.

By taking it seriously, we can positively influence those around us and make someone smile.

Do you take your work seriously too?


If I find someone who is sad in front of me, I want to make them laugh somehow.
I am willing to get caught by the police for that.
I don’t care if it shortens my life.

Egashira 2:50

These words show how much Ega-chan values the value of making people happy.

The courage to sacrifice oneself for the sake of others is what a truly handsome man looks like.

Are you making your loved ones in front of you smile?


‘If I do this, won’t I get out next time?’ I try not to think about it.
Wouldn’t you feel bad if the last Egashira the viewers saw was a lazy Egashira?

Egashira 2:50

These words teach us the importance of always doing our best and acting without regret.

These are the words of Ega, whose top priority is to entertain his audience.

Even on days when you are not feeling well, remembering these words will help you get yourself back on track.


You can’t do comedy if you’re not serious.

Egashira 2:50

These words of Ega’s show that behind the seemingly lighthearted profession of comedy is a deep dedication and sincerity.

A serious attitude is the key to success in any profession.

Ega looks like a maverick, but she is clumsy and serious, and that’s why everyone loves her because of the atmosphere she exudes.

Ega is a true hottie.


Ega’s quotes introduced in this issue teach us the importance of keeping a sense of humor and doing our best in any situation.

If any of the words in this article resonate with you, please apply them to your daily life.

Let us continue to work together to overcome any difficulties we may face!

Keep moving forward with courage! Never look down, but keep moving forward!
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