[Baymax Quotes] 6 lines from the movie Baymax that will make you cry! What I want to say to your heart

Be positive

We have collected some of the most touching and emotional lines.

Feel the important message that the Baymax movie conveys.

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Use that smart head of yours properly.
Try to look at it differently.

Tadashi Hamada

These words from Tadashi Hamada are an important message for you.

There are many difficult situations and problems in life.

At such times, a new solution can be found by changing one’s perspective.

These words tell us that your new perspective will make it easier for you to solve problems.

For example, when faced with a difficult problem at work, one may get stuck simply trying to solve it the same way.

However, if you change your perspective and try a new approach, you may find a surprising breakthrough.

At times like this, Tadashi’s words can be of great help.

Specifically, when faced with a problem, first take a step back and review the big picture.

And it is important to consider issues from perspectives other than your own.

For example, by seeking input from colleagues and friends, unexpected solutions may be found.

Tadashi’s words are the key to your brain’s flexibility.

With a new perspective, you will find possibilities and opportunities that you did not see before.

These words provide emotional support in the face of difficulties and encourage positive action.

Take Tadashi’s words to heart and use their power to change your perspective.


I am a care robot.
I will protect you.


These words express the deep care that Baymax possesses.

It gives you peace of mind that no matter what challenges you face, someone will be there for you.

With a presence like Baymax, you can move forward with peace of mind.

There are always moments in life when we need someone’s support.

For example, when you are stressed at work or struggling with a personal issue, it is difficult to take it all on yourself.

At such times, the presence of a being like Baymax lightens the load on the heart.

Your care for others will provide the same sense of security to those around you.

For example, think of how much a friend or family member’s heart can be saved by simply saying, “I’ll help you,” when they are in need.

In addition, providing casual support to colleagues at work when they are in need improves the morale of the entire team.

Baymax’s words teach you the importance of care.

By caring for others, you too can experience fulfillment.

Furthermore, a caring heart can strengthen relationships and expand the circle of trust around you.

Like Baymax, you can be a protector and supporter of others.

By keeping this care in mind, your own life will be enriched and you will have a positive impact on those around you.

Take Baymax’s words to heart and realize the importance of having a caring heart.


Share your grief with friends and loved ones.


These words of Baymax convey the importance of sharing one’s grief and pain with those around them, rather than keeping it to oneself.

There are times in life when sad events are inevitable, but sharing that sadness can lighten the burden on our hearts.

For example, if you are heartbroken over a lost love or the loss of a loved one, sharing those feelings with a close friend or family member can help ease your loneliness.

Baymax’s words are gently telling you, “Don’t suffer alone.

When you are sad, it is important to talk to someone you trust.

For example, asking friends to listen to you or spending more time with your family can help you heal.

Expressing your feelings in words also helps you to sort out your own feelings.

Sharing your grief is an opportunity not only for your own emotional well-being, but also for bonding with others.

Please take Baymax’s words to heart and have the courage to share your grief.

By doing so, you and those around you will lead a richer life.

These words from Baymax are an important message to remember when you are going through a difficult time.

By sharing your grief, you will find new hope and strength to move forward.

Take Baymax’s words to heart and realize the value of sharing your grief.


It will get better soon. Good.


The kind words of this Baymax give you a sense of security and healing.

When facing difficult times or painful events, someone’s words of “It’s okay” can be a great support.

Baymax’s word “Yoshiyoshi” has the power to warm the heart.

There are many times in life when you have to get up.

For example, they may face a variety of difficulties, such as failed projects or relationship problems.

At such times, Baymax’s words, “It will get better soon,” resonate with you and give you the strength to look forward.

When faced with difficulties, it is important to tell yourself that things will get better soon.

For example, when you make a mistake, instead of blaming yourself, think about how you can improve next time.

Also, when others are in trouble, you can be like Baymax and gently encourage them by saying, “Don’t worry, it will get better soon.

These words from Baymax teach you the importance of self-affirmation.

By encouraging yourself and encouraging others, you will strengthen your own heart.

Keep these kind words in mind and use them as strength when facing difficulties.


We all have to believe in our own strength.

Hiro Hamada

These words of Hiro Hamada teach us the importance of believing in ourselves.

Confidence gives you the strength to move forward in difficult situations.

Hiro’s words give you the courage to believe in your abilities and challenge yourself.

For example, when you take on a new project or study for an exam, it is important to believe in your own abilities.

You can achieve results by moving toward your own goals without being influenced by the opinions of others.

Hiro’s words will support you to have that confidence.

It is important to identify your goals and take one step at a time toward achieving them.

For example, building on small daily successes can help build confidence.

It is also useful to find out what your strengths and strengths are and think about ways to utilize them.

Hiro’s words, “We all have to believe in our own strength,” are a powerful message for you to believe in yourself.

Keep these words in mind and move forward with confidence.

You will overcome any difficulties by believing in your own strength.


Because I believe in it.
You’re going to be useful to all of us.

Tadashi Hamada

These words of Tadashi Hamada teach us the importance of believing in our own abilities to help others.

Being useful to someone else is the key to finding your own value.

These words will help you build a better society by believing in your ability to help others.

When you are on a team at work or school, you can use your strengths to help others.

Tadashi’s words tell us that when you use your skills and knowledge to support those around you, the whole team is better off.

It is important to extend a helping hand when others are in need.

Helping someone else helps you grow as well.

Take Tadashi’s words to heart and realize the value of helping those around you.

Ultimately, being helpful to others enriches your own life and strengthens your relationships with those around you.

Your help will be a great support and appreciated by someone.


The quotes presented here will give you the strength to face your difficulties.

Let’s keep the words of Tadashi, Hiro and Baymax in mind and move forward positively.

Believe in yourself and others, and your life will be more fulfilling.

Take advantage of the power of quotes and use them to guide your actions tomorrow.

Keep moving forward with courage! Never look down, but keep moving forward!
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